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Parent Information Sessions
Upcoming parent information workshops
File Stress in Children and Adolescents
Support For Parents
Are you struggling with your youth? We are parents helping parents to navigate conflict with their youth through professionally-guided programs and services. Parent Support Association of Calgary (403) 270-1809
File Town of Chestermere Community Resources Services
Serving Langdon, Chestermere and South East Rocky View. Working together to build dynamic communities that promote the strength and well being of all people. "Our goal is to connect you and your family to programs and services to support your everyday life". Please click on link for further information.
Teen Mental Health Organization
Here you will find numerous resources, trainings programs, publications, tools and resources that can be applied across disciplines to enhance the understanding of adolescent mental health and mental disorders.
Helping Your Anxious Child (book)
This expanded and updated version of a best-selling classic guides readers to help a child overcome anxiety and fears. It describes in detail strategies and techniques they can combine into a comprehensive self-help program for a child's particular needs. From separation anxiety to general anxiety, social anxiety, specific phobia and panic disorder, Helping Your Anxious Child, Second Edition describes the common types of childhood anxiety, how anxiety originates, and options for dealing with the problem, with or without a therapist's help.
Alberta Health Services: Family & Community Resource Centre
An excellent website for parents to access credible health information, community resources and individualized supports.
File Is Your Family Bored?
Is your family bored? Or, you want to make your family relationship stronger? Have a family fun night!! Here are some fun and exciting ideas to do as a family all year long.
File Friday Night Friends Activity Night
A fun and exciting way for families to connect that have children with special needs. A great opportunity for kids to interact and play, while parents network with one another.
Chester mere & Area Macaroni Kid Calendar of Events
Macaroni Kid and its family of Publisher Moms are dedicated to delivering the scoop on all the family-friendly events and activities happening in their communities each week. Check out Macaroni Kid's list of communities and sign up to receive your free weekly newsletter.
Kidz 1st Network Parent Link Centre
Find out what events for children/youth are going on in the community of Chestermere. This wonderful website provides a calendar of groups for both children/youth and parents, as well as many resources full of information for parents. A Parent Link Centre provides parents, caregivers, and their children with supports to ensure that children come to school ready to learn, and ensures parents have the supports needed to help their children develop and fulfill their potential. Parents will be able to access information about community services, obtain referrals, and meet other parents, children, and families, while taking part in quality early learning activities.
Kelly Bear
Many many resources to help parents with many different child related topics. To help parents in their efforts, this website offers a selection of Parenting Tips and Adult Guides. If you find the handouts helpful, you may want to view the award winning Kelly Bear Resources and the Children's Activities Leah created.
Helpful Children Mental Health Links
Under the "Helpful Health Link" tab on the homepage, there is helpful information and useful resourses for parents regarding many of todays children mental health related topics.
49 Phrases to Calm an Anxious Child
49 helpful phrases that a parent should say to a child suffering from anxiety.
Social Media Safety Tips for Parents
A website with great information and tips for parents on how to keep their child safe on social media.
Mindful Parenting: How to Respond Instead of React
15 Things Kids or Teens Say That Could Mean ‘I’m Anxious’ – Where They Come From And How to Respond
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