RVS Public Consultation - Summary

Rocky View Schools (RVS) held its second public consultation Wednesday, January 16. Open this news item for more information about the consultation process and the latest updates.

This past Wednesday, January 16, RVS Executive and the Board of Trustees held the second of two public consultations for the community of Prince of Peace.  Superintendent Luterbach reviewed the information presented at the first public consultation and summarized the feedback received in December from parents and interested parties.  He explained the progress of Options 1 and 2 to date.  Following the presentation, the Board of Trustees, Superintendent Luterbach, and Associate Superintendent Paul answered questions and listened to comments.  Click here for a link to the presentation and here for a copy of the RVS Communique - Feedback from Stakeholders. 

It was very encouraging to hear the ways in which Rocky View Schools and Sage Properties have been working to find a sustainable solution and that they continue to explore possibilities.  We pray that in the coming days their negotiations will remain ongoing and be productive.         

Thursday, February 7, at 10:00 am, the Board of Trustees will announce their decision regarding the future of our school at their regular Board Meeting.  For further details, refer to the letters sent by RVS to all parents and those posted on the school and RVS websites.  

Many, many thanks to each of our parents, students and community members who have been advocating for our school and creating awareness of the situation we face.  Our gratitude for the countless hours put into phone calls, emails, conversations, meetings, letter writing campaigns and more.  Your efforts have not only brought attention and support to our cause but have represented the values we uphold of faith, perseverance, unity, and community.  

Our most powerful source of strength remains - prayer.  I encourage everyone to pray continually that a way would be made for the continuation of this school and our Christian Program, for wisdom and discernment among Rocky View and Sage negotiators, and for avenues to be opened up that secure our future.  But most of all, as was said in the Public Meeting, that whatever the outcome, God would bless us with confidence in His wisdom, love, power, and care.


Feb. 7, 2019 – Board Deliberation
Location/Time: RVS Education Centre (2651 Chinook Winds Dr., Airdrie); 10 a.m. Purpose: The Board of Trustees will deliberate its decision on the future direction of the Prince of Peace Lutheran School program. A notice will be issued to all stakeholders regarding the decision following the adjournment of the public meeting.


More information on the Prince of Peace consultation can be found on the RVS website at: www.rockyview.ab.ca/consultation.


Click on the language below to view a letter distributed to parents on October 18.





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