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In Grade 8 Language Arts, and in Grade 9 Language Arts and Social, Rocky View Moodle is the site to look for Class Lessons, Resources and Projects.
File Social 9 Course Outline
Here is an overview of Social Studies in grade 9 this year.
File Grade 8 Language Arts Course Outline
This includes an Overview of the Grade 8 Course and the Topics covered each term. Every learner is encouraged to read for 90 minutes per day. We read each day in class-reading or reviewing for half an hour at home will make a positive difference!
File Grade 9 Language Arts
Grade 9 LA will be organized into four sections as we explore texts and media. We will also create our own stories and debates - whether written or spoken. We will focus on Literacy skills and on learning the fundamental Academic Terms for English Language Arts. There will be some project work that crosses over into Social content at times.
File Grade 3 Choir and Music
Here you will find an overview of choir for grade 3 this year. Choir and Music will work in sync: music will focus on building skills and appreciation and choir will apply those skills as we learn repertoire to share or perform.
File Grade 4 / 5 Choir
This provides an overview of the Choir class for this year.
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