Week 11

David. (1 Samuel 16 & Psalm 23)

Big Ideas: As we see our all-powerful, caring Creator taking care of the world and us, we as the family of God respond to him in worship and praise.

We have looked at how God called Samuel to be His prophet. This week we look at another significant event from the Bible. Once again we see God working in and through the lives of people to show His love and to carry on the message, first spoken in Eden, that a Saviour would come. God's story takes place, not in some never-never land of make believe but in the real history of the world and through ordinary people like you and me. This week we look at how God chose David to be king of Israel. We see how God does not look at outward appearances (such as strength, size, status, etc.) but looks rather at the heart. We see also how David had a heart of worship and praise, shown through music and words. David was a talented musician and songwriter and we have many of his works recorded in the Psalms.


As we near the time of Christmas, and in this season of Advent,  we are reminded that David was part of the human ancestry through whom God the Son would come to be born. In fact Jesus was often called the "Son of David" to remind people that our faithful God keeps His promises - the promise first spoken to Adam and Eve and carried on through history, through David, and to us, "For to you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, who is Christ the Lord."


So this week we look not only on the grace and love of God in how He works in us ordinary people but also at the life of worship and praise that we can give back to God. God first gives His love to us in providing us our only Saviour from sin, Jesus Christ, in planting faith in Jesus in our hearts, and in providing us will all the material possessions we have. We then respond, giving back to God, what He has first given us. Alleluia!


Bible Memory Verse:  "I will sing; I will make music to the Lord." Judges 5:3


Praying: Teacher-led prayers, echo prayers, prayer list for request, "Thank you", "forgive me", "Lord, help me", and praise prayers.

Songs we may sing:

God Made Me

Listen, God is Calling

Who's the King

Come and Join Us

Come Grow With Us

The Lord is My Shepherd


Resources that may be used:  VeggieTale Video "Dave and the Giant Pickle", What's in the Bible Videos (Vol. 5.1.3 "Saul Loses the Crown" (2:00), Vol. 5.1.5 "Back to David" (2:57), Vol. 5.1.6 "Saul and David" (4:29), and Vol. 5.2.2 David Becomes King"(6:00)).

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