Week 7

Into the Promised Land (Joshua 3-4)

Big Ideas:  Although disobedience has consequences, our caring Creator still loves us, guides us, and forgives us. He may not take away our trials and troubles, but He will always take us through!

We continue our journey along with the people of God through the wilderness. They finally arrive at the promised land and are ready to enter. However, the Lord has led them to the banks of the Jordan river; in the spring when the melting winter snow had filled it to overflowing.


The Israelites were learning once again to trust in God's unfailing love. He had promised to take them to this land and give it to them. Now they were facing the problem of how to cross this swollen rushing river. Again, God's timing is not always our timing and through their waiting they learned to have patience for the Lord's deliverance. At just the right time Joshua, the leader of Israel whom God chose to replace Moses, reassured the people that "The LORD will do amazing things among you" (Joshua 3:5). God miraculously led them into the promised land to take possession of it.


Just as the people of Israel were reminded to look back at all the wonders God had done in the past for them, we too need to look at all that God has done for us.  He has given us so much – all undeserved gifts of love from our heavenly Father.  We can trust that He will do what is best at the right time and in the right way. He always has a plan!


We also learn through this that God often has us take a long hard look at our problems so that we can conclude once again that we are totally dependent on Him. He is faithful to all the promises in His word. This was seen by the people of Israel and is still true today. His greatest promise, of course, was the completion of the plan of salvation first revealed in the Garden of Eden to the fallen Adam and Eve. From God's word we know that Jesus did come and pay the price for our salvation so that we have forgiveness and life here and now, and an eternal "promised land" in our future; guaranteed!


Bible Memory Verse:  "Remember the wonders [God] has done." 1 Chronicles 16:12


Praying: Teacher-led prayers, echo prayers, prayer list for request, "Thank you", "forgive me", and "Lord, help me" prayers.

Songs we may sing:

"Who Could Take Our Sins Away?" (action poem/chant)

God Cares (chant)

Pharaoh, Pharaoh

Baby, Baby

We Love

Jesus Loves Me

Jesus Loves the Little Children

Twelve Men

Be Bold, Be Strong

You Can Trust in the Lord


Resources that may be used:  VeggieTale video "Josh & the Big Wall", What's in the Bible videos (Vol 3.1.1 "Creation - Moses" (6:26), Vol. 3.1.2 "Holy and Set Apart" (3:27), Vol. 3.2.1 "40 Year Time Out" (8:23), and Vol. 3.2.2 "Moses' Big Speech" (5:55)).

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