Week 8

Gideon (Judges 6-7)

Big Ideas – Our God is all-powerful and His word it true. God does what he says. When we disobey there will be consequences. But our loving heavenly Father still loves and forgives us and leads us according to His good purpose. We can be bold and strong because our Saviour and Deliverer is with us.


After the people of Israel began to inhabit the Promised Land, they faced many difficulties. God had told them that they would but also added that He would take care of them through it all. When troubles came from outside or because of their own doing, God would chose a leader (or a “judge”) to deliver them. This week we take a look at the judge named Gideon.


The Midianites had invaded the land and were tormenting God’s people. God called upon a reluctant Gideon to fight against them. Not only did the task already seem impossible enough, but God made it seem completely unreasonable. Gideon would go up against an army of 135,000 soldiers with a group of 300 unarmed Israelites. God was making absolutely sure that the people of Israel would see that it was not their strength or skill that would rescues them. Instead it would be the power of God that would deliver them from the hand of their enemies. Trust in the Lord is the clear message here.


We can apply that to our own lives as well. We may face difficult or even seemingly impossible circumstances. When we realize that all things are ultimately in God’s hands, we learn to wait and to trust. And what good hands they are! God is rich in mercy, abounding in love, and wants absolutely the best for us. The ultimate best is what He has already accomplished for us. Jesus has paid the cost of our sins and has gained us not only access to God’s throne (in prayer) but also earned for us a place in heaven. No one can take that from us. What comfort. What peace. What a Saviour!


Bible Memory Verse:  "Trust in the Lord with all your heart." Proverbs 3:5


Praying: Teacher-led prayers, echo prayers, prayer list for request, "Thank you", "forgive me", and "Lord, help me" prayers.

Songs we may sing:

I'm With You

"Who Could Take Our Sins Away?" (action poem/chant)

God Cares (chant)

Baby, Baby

We Love

Be Bold

You Can Trust in the Lord


Resources that may be used:  Prezi presentation "Judges - Cycle of Apostasy", Smart Board file showing mismatch of Gideon's final army to that of the Midianites, What's in the Bible Videos (Vol. 4.2.1 "Recap and Why Canaan" (5:34), Vol 4.2.2 "Judges" (5:59), and Vol. 4.2.3 "Cycle of Apostasy" (5:59).

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