Week 5

Moses Leads God's People (Exodus 14, 16, and 17)

Big Ideas:  God gives purpose that sometimes requires patience for us to see. Our caring Creator provides for, leads, and protects us, even from the ultimate danger and consequences of sin. God's Word is true and He will do what He says.


Last week's narrative provides the background for how the people of Israel came to be in Egypt. God's plan, of course, was not to leave them there indefinitely, but to fulfill His promise to Abraham to give his descendants the land of Canaan. After many difficult struggles the time came for God's people to leave Egypt.


This week's lesson focuses on God's provision for His people. We will look at the many ways God took care of the Israelites (through providing a leader, a way of escape, and food and protection along the way). The way in which God took care of them was not always appreciated (doesn't that sound just like us and our children?). Through it all we can see God's justice, mercy, and grace as He continued to take care of His rebellious people. As always, the focus of each week's Christian studies is Jesus. He loves and cares for us always. He laid down His perfect life to make the perfect sacrifice for all of our sins. He is the focus of our faith. He cares for us eternally!


Bible Memory Verse:  "[God] cares for you." 1 Peter 5:7


Praying: Teacher-led prayers, echo prayers, prayer list for request, "Thank you" and "forgive me" prayers.


Songs we may sing:

"God Has a Plan", "Jesus Forgives" (variations on "God is so Good")

"Inright, Outright"

"Who Could Take Our Sins Away?" (action poem/chant)

God Cares (chant)

Pharaoh, Pharaoh

Praise Him, Praise Him!

Baby, Baby


Resources that may be used:  What's In the Bible videos (Vol. 2.2.1 "The World is Sick" (8:21), Vol. 2.2.2 "The Book of Exodus" (3:55), Vol. 2.2.3 "Who Is Moses?" (7:12)).

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