Week 2

God made animals and people (Creation Week, days 5-6). Genesis 1:20-31

Big Ideas - God's powerful Word created all things perfectly.  Man and woman were created in God's image.


Day 5 – all sea creatures and birds

Day 6 – all land animals and, finally, Adam and Eve


This week we continue to look at God’s original perfect creation. We note several things.


First, God created plants and animals to reproduce “after their kind”. This would ensure the continued populating of the earth, which is part of God’s command to fill the earth and subdue it (given to Adam and Eve). This could easily be called God’s Science Mandate. In order to subdue (manage) God’s marvelous creation, mankind would have to study it and experiment with what God had graciously given.


Second, we note that God created Adam and Eve separate from and differently than all other living things. It is common to hear today that people are “Just another kind of animal”. This does not match well with God’s word. The Bible tells us that Adam and Eve were made in the image of God; not in the image of any kind of animal. God did not simply speak Adam and Eve into being. He formed them and breathed into them the breath of life. God made Adam and Eve (and all of mankind that would follow) stewards of His creation. We are to use what God has made for our benefit and to carefully take care of this world.


Finally, we note that God’s verdict on all that He had made was that it was “very good”. God is good and He makes no mistakes. His initial creation was perfect. What an awesome and wonderful God we have!


Bible Memory Verse:  "The Lord is God. It is He who made us." Psalm 100:3


Praying: Teacher-led prayers, echo prayers, prayer list for request, and "Thank you" prayers.

Songs we may sing:
"Jesus Loves Me" (3 versions:  traditional, rap, and "Twist and Shout")
"Thank You, Lord, for Making Me"
"God Made Me" by Wayne Miller
"God Made the World" (variation on "God is so Good")
"In the Beginning" by Jamie Soles
"Adam and Eve" by Jamie Soles
"The Butterfly Song"


Resources we may use:  What's in the Bible videos (Vol. 1.2.3 "Genesis Sets the Stage" (4:57)), Creation Wheel craft, images and pictures from the internet of some of God's amazing creations.

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