December Puzzle Piece - Christmas Traditions

Directions for completing the December puzzle piece.

Citizen of the Day

Celebrations and Traditions (Christmas) – December Parent Letter


Dear Parents,

Our next focus of the “Citizen of the Day” program will be “Celebrations and Traditions”.


Please discuss with your child the ways in which your family celebrates Christmas and have them record the information on the puzzle piece. Do you have any Christmas traditions (preparing a certain kind of food, singing a special song, special guests, gifts, etc.)? Please share some of the fun, interesting, and meaningful things your family does to celebrate Christmas.


Please assist your child in recording the information on the puzzle piece provided – they may draw pictures, glue on photos, write some words, etc. Your child will be asked to talk about the information that they’ve recorded on this puzzle piece when it they return it to the class. Remember to have the information written on the puzzle piece on the same side and direction as their name (already written on by them at school). The large X on the back is to indicate that no writing should go on this side. Please return the piece before the end of the month, as they will receive another puzzle piece and project next month.


Thank you for your support of this program.




Wayne Miller

Prince of Peace Lutheran School

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