November Puzzle Piece Directions - My Gifts and Talents

Citizen of the Day

My Gifts and Talents – November Parent Letter


Dear Parents,

Our next focus of the “Citizen of the Day” program will be “My Gifts and Talents”. Please discuss with your child the following:


I can __________ (tie my shoes, count to 10, swim, snap my fingers, draw, etc.)

I am good at  ____________ (riding my bike, keeping my room clean, remembering my manners, combing my hair, etc.)

I help __________ with _____________ (my mom with making supper, my brother with cleaning his room, my dad with vacuuming, my grandma with baking, etc.)


Please assist your child in recording their gifts and talents on the puzzle piece provided – they may draw pictures, glue on photos, write some words, etc. Your child will be asked to talk about their gifts and talents that they’ve recorded on this puzzle piece when it they return it to the class. Please return the piece before the end of the month, as they will receive another puzzle piece and project next month.


Thank you for your support of this program.




Mr. Miller

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