School Uniforms

Uniforms enhance community spirit and school pride.  They foster a sense of unity, decorum and dignity.  Students are expected to dress in a manner that shows respect for the educational environment and well suited for learning activities.

McCarthy is our uniform supplier.  Uniform pieces are required to be purchased through McCarthy or directly through the school’s stock of uniforms (excluding bottoms, socks, tights, shoes and belts).  Students may continue to wear pre-purchased uniform items that fit the current policy, unless they are in poor repair (i.e. ripped, worn, faded, or permanently soiled).

We have a supply of gently-used uniform items ready for purchase at a reduced price.  Contact our office at 403.285.2288 for information about available items.

McCarthy's Contact Information:
Address: #205, 5911 3 St. S.E., Calgary, AB  T2H 1K3
Phone Number: 416-593-6900



  • All uniforms worn to school must be well cared for, clean, and in good condition.
  • Students are not required to own all the items on the list. Parents can choose from the items listed.

Uniform Bottoms

  • At least one pair of uniform pants MUST be purchased from McCarthy's.  Use McCarthy pants as the standard for what all uniform pants should look like.
  • Bottoms may be purchased at other locations ONLY with prior approval from a school administrator, as long as they are equivalent to the bottoms sold through McCarthy. To receive approval, please bring the item into an administrator before your child wears it.
  • Walking shorts for girls and boys will be worn with plain black or white socks unless students wear sandals.
  • NOT ACCEPTABLE - Any tight-fitting bottoms (leggings worn alone, yoga pants); denim; pants that resemble jeans; pants with stitched back pockets or rivets; sweat pants; pants with elastic at the ankle.


  • Shoes must be neutral in colour (all black, gray, brown or white) and have non-marking soles.
  • Not acceptable:  Shoes that detract from the uniform with bright colours, shoes with commercial designs or large brand symbols (for example Spiderman or Nike), shoes with wheels, shoes with flashers.
  • In summer, neutral coloured dress-sandals (not flip-flops or shower shoes) are allowed with shorts or skirts.


  • Dress shirts (button down long sleeve) may be worn tucked in or untucked.
  • Dress shirts must not have other shirts layered beneath them.
  • Band students require a white dress shirt for performances.
  • Plain white or black shirts may be worn underneath uniform tops but cannot hang below the hemline.
  • Knitted vests will be worn with a uniform shirt beneath.

Skorts, Tunics & Kilts

  • All skirts must have either built-in shorts or Modesty Shorts worn beneath (available through McCarthy's).
  • Tunics must be worn with a logo uniform shirt beneath.
  • Leggings under skirts are acceptable.
  • Tunics, skorts, and kilts will be worn with plain black or white tights or knee-high socks. Leggings under skirts are acceptable.


  • Accessories such as jewelry and hair clips that do not detract from the uniform are permitted.
  • No hats are to be worn in school.
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