Kindergarten Information and Newsletters

File First Steps
Encouraging responsibility in your child.
File 80 Skills Important for Kindergarten Children
Basic skills for kindergarten children.
Charts for Reading
A collection of some of the charts, poems, and signs that we read in Kindergarten. You may view these on your computer or print them off for your child to learn emergent reading skills through these known items.
7 Habits Song Lyrics and Bible References
Lyrics to the 7 Habits songs and Habit Forming (a song that ties all of the 7 Habits together as coming from the wisdom of God through Jesus Christ). Bible verses related to each of the 7 Habits.
June 23, 2021 - Kindergarten Orientation Summary and Info Request
Recap of our Zoom meeting along with a document to fill out and return along with a picture.
September 1, 2021 e-mail
Kindergarten Starts Next Week!
September 7, 2021 e-mail
First Day Done!
September 8, 2021 email
Scholastic Book Club
September 15, 2021 e-mail
September Puzzle Piece
September 16, 2021 e-mail
Charts and Songs Book
October 4, 2021 e-mail
Information for the October Puzzle piece - "My Interests"
October 4, 2021 e-mail
Patterns in God's World
October 26, 2021 e-mail
Sorting in Kindergarten, Puzzle Pieces, and Monday Note
January 21, 2022 e-mail
Alphabet recognition, Letter Sounds, Story Readers, and Math skills
February 9, 2022 email
Story Readers and Home Reading
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