September 1, 2021 e-mail

Kindergarten Starts Next Week!

Good morning parents,

I am so very excited to be welcoming your child to kindergarten next week! Please read below for VERY IMPORTANT information about the start up of kindergarten.
Please makes sure you have read the information sent out by Mrs. Neis in the Summer Note. During the school year this will be called the MONDAY NOTE. There is always important information in these for you to know what is going on with the school as a whole. The Summer Note contained some vital information about how school will start up and how and when to bring your child to school.
Your child will attend school on Tuesday, September 7 and then Thursday and Friday (September 9-10). They will not attend school on Wednesday, September 8. Things your child needs to bring to school are:
- inside shoes (running shoes that fit the school uniform policy and that your child can put on by themselves
- a backpack (for carrying their snack bag and for taking any papers or items sent home from school)
- a healthy snack (a drink and healthy food that they can eat on their own in about 5 minutes)
Your child will need to be dressed in school uniform clothing and also dressed according to the weather each day, as they do go outside for recess. Please re-read the “Welcome to Kindergarten” information that I sent to you back in June, as it has much more information. Making sure you are well-informed helps to ensure that there are as few misunderstandings and confusions as possible, especially at the beginning of the year! I want to make your child’s transition to kindergarten go as smoothly as I can.
The kindergarten children should be lined up outside the front doors by around 8:15. I will greet them outside and then at 8:18 I will lead them inside the school. Once inside, I will show them where to take off their outside shoes and where to place them on the shoe rack. I will then lead them down to the classroom where they will hang up their jacket and backpack and put on their inside shoes. They will be shown what activities they can do in the classroom before school begins at 8:27. There is a hand sanitizer inside the entrance for your child to use if they wish.
Kindergarten ends at 11:45. Parents should arrive at 11:40 and pull up as far forward as you can along the sidewalk in front of the school. If you are the first car to arrive for pickup, pull all the way to the end of the sidewalk and then the next car arriving should pull right up behind the first car, and so on. Parents should get out of their car and wait outside the front of the school. Once you are there and the children are ready to go, I will let your child out of the front doors of the school so that you can take them to your car. This procedure will continue until the construction is completed on the road and parking lot. Please watch for further information as things progress and our pickup and drop-off procedures may change.
Thank you to all of the parents who filled out the information sheet about your child and sent the photo as I had requested back on June 23. If you have not done this, please do so as soon as possible. If you have misplaced the information or documents to which I am referring, please let me know and I can send them again. Thank you for your partnership in making this start to your child’s kindergarten year positive and exciting!
1. Please respond to this email to let me know that you have received it since it is a group email to all parents and sometimes your email filter will put it into your junk folder.
2. Also respond to ask any questions you may have before school starts. Having as many things as possible clearly communicated and understood helps to minimize any distractions and starts to build a positive and focused learning environment in which your child feels safe and secure.


Wayne Miller
Teacher, Prince of Peace Lutheran School
Rocky View Schools



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