June 23, 2021 - Kindergarten Orientation Summary and Info Request

Recap of our Zoom meeting along with a document to fill out and return along with a picture.


Good afternoon,
I am sending this information out to all kindergarten parents for the 2021-22 school year. Since I do not have a list of who all attended or couldn’t attend the Orientation Meeting on Zoom, I am including a recap of what was covered in the meeting, along with some documents for you to read over and send information back to me.
Kindergarten Orientation Meeting Summary
1. Kindergarten is bridge between preschool type of learning and the more formal Grade 1 type of learning. My goal is to provide a variety of learning experiences while building solid learning routines, habits, and skills that will enable them to feel confident as they move onto Grade 1 the next year.
2. Video showing the usual procedures for entering the school and classroom and giving an overview of what things we have in the classroom.
3. My teacher page on the school website was shown with the important information and resources that are there.
4. Part of my teacher page is a weekly summary of my Christian Studies program so that parents can know what we are learning and the big ideas, songs, prayers, and resources that will be used.
5. Recovery Chair was explained as a strategy to help children grow in self-awareness and self-regulation while maintaining the learning environment for all children.
6. Our year-long “Citizen of the Day” program was explained as a home/school partnership in developing an understanding in your child of the 2 big ideas of the Social Studies curriculum - “I am Unique” and “I Belong”.
7. Other learning experiences such as library, chapel, and physical education were explained.
8. A video from the Early Intervention team of RVS was shown, explaining the resources available to support those students who may require additional help in the areas of speech/language, occupational therapy, and physical therapy.
9. A reminder was given to make sure you take time to go over the information and documents that were sent to you in the Kindergarten Orientation invitation email.
10. A request was given for all parents to send a picture of their child holding a name tag in front of them (see sample picture attached). I start the year with these pictures posted up outside the classroom so that the children can see themselves, their friends, and have something that feels “familiar” to them. It also makes sure that I have their name spelled correctly right from the start of the year since we put their names on so many things and it is a big job to change it if we get it wrong!
Here is my request for what I would like you to do:
1. Take and send the photo as requested (I KNOW YOU ALREADY SENT ONE, THANK YOU!)
2. Read over the documents and reply to me with the information asked for. You can fill out the papers and take pictures of them and send to me or get the information to me in some other way.
I am looking forward to a great start to an exciting year of fun and learning!
If you have any questions at anytime, please just email me. Thanks so much!


Wayne Miller
Teacher, Prince of Peace Lutheran School
Rocky View Schools

Kindergarten Home Picture and Name.pdf


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