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Sorting in Kindergarten and Dress-up Day Reminder

Good afternoon parents,

Please read the following information below about one of the new things we are learning (sorting) and a reminder about Dress-up Day tomorrow.
After learning that patterns repeat we have been learning about how we can sort things. We started off learning that in order to sort things we need a rule. In kindergarten we learn the basic skill of sorting using one attribute or characteristic.

We first learned how to make a simple rule that would create 2 groups. Examples of this would be sorting things by colour (e.g. red, not red), shape (e.g. circle, not circle), or type (e.g. vehicle, not a vehicle).

We then learned how we can make our rule more general which would create several groups. Examples of this would be sorting by colour (which would create groups of red, yellow, green, orange, etc), by shape (which would create groups of squares, circles, stars, hearts, etc.), or type (which would create groups of trains, cars, buses, airplanes, etc.)

You can create sorting activities similar to these simple or general rules in your home to see how your child is understanding the concepts. In kindergarten it is expected that they will be able to  sort according to a rule and be able to express that to others to explain how they are sorting.

You can see examples of sorting by clicking on the link below to help you see what this looks like:

If you have any questions about this, please let me know!
Below is the information about tomorrow that was sent home in the Monday Note.

Students are invited to dress up on Friday October 30th as part of the fun of the day. There is no cost to this day. Costumes are allowed to be worn all day in lieu of student uniforms. If students choose not to wear costumes, they should wear their school uniform that day.

Costumes must NOT be:

  • Scary, evil, or in conflict with our Christian Culture (no devils, witches, vampires, zombies, etc.)
  • No fake blood or gore, or anything from horror media
  • Nothing sexually suggestive
  • No fake weapons
  • No full face masks or makeup (other than Covid required masks

Wayne Miller
Teacher, Prince of Peace Lutheran School
Rocky View Schools


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