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Sorting in Kindergarten, Puzzle Pieces, and Monday Note

Good afternoon parents,

We have been moving on in our math learning to understand the concept of sorting. Like all other things in math, we see how God gave us the idea of sorting when He created things to reproduce after their kind and sorted creatures into fish, birds, and land animals, etc. Please read on to hear more about sorting in kindergarten.

After learning that patterns repeat we have been learning about how we can sort things. We started off learning that in order to sort things we need a rule. In kindergarten we learn the basic skill of sorting using one attribute or characteristic.
We first learned how to make a simple rule that would create 2 groups. Examples of this would be sorting things by colour (e.g. red, not red), shape (e.g. circle, not circle), or type (e.g. vehicle, not a vehicle).
We then learned how we can make our rule more general which would create several groups. Examples of this would be sorting by colour (which would create groups of red, yellow, green, orange, etc), by shape (which would create groups of squares, circles, stars, hearts, etc.), or type (which would create groups of trains, cars, buses, airplanes, etc.)
You can create sorting activities similar to these simple or general rules in your home to see how your child is understanding the concepts. In kindergarten it is expected that they will be able to  sort according to a rule and be able to express that to others to explain how they are sorting.
You can see examples of sorting by clicking on the link below to help you see what this looks like:
If you have any questions about this, please let me know!
This is the last week of October and we should be finishing off the October Puzzle Pieces about “My Interests”. Next week, your child will receive their November Puzzle Piece. Please help your child to complete the puzzle piece and practice it so they can bring it back and share it. As always, please remember that the goal is for your child to do as much of the writing as they can and for them to share as much as possible in class on their own.
Just another encouragement to make sure you are aware of all the information in the Monday Note’s each week. Two things of note for this week were the Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes and the Dress-up option on Friday. I have mentioned both things to the children, but they will need your help in remembering. If you would like to participate in the Operation Christmas Child shoebox activity, please let your child know. I will be asking them tomorrow if they are wanting a shoebox to bring home to fill and donate to this school project.

Wayne Miller
Teacher, Prince of Peace Lutheran School
Rocky View Schools



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