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Patterns in God's World


We have been having fun discovering how the things we learn in kindergarten are related to God and how He does things! One of the first math skills we explore is patterns. God started off the Creation by initiating a pattern (darkness/light), and that pattern repeats day after day. And so the first thing we learned is that a pattern repeats! So far we have been looking at simple 2-part (AB) patterns and having the children try to create their own patterns. We have tried making patterns based on:

Colour - e.g. red, blue, red, blue, red, blue

Shape - e.g. square, circle, square, circle, square

Category - e.g. banana, orange, banana, orange, banana, orange

Position - e.g. standing up, laying down, standing up, laying down, standing up, laying down


You can easily have your child try and make patterns with objects at home or by drawing/colouring them down on paper. We will be moving on to doing 3-part patterns, which have more variations (ABC, AAB, ABB) and can be a little trickier for children to grasp. We will be practicing and learning in the classroom and you are certainly welcome to try and make patterns with your child at home to help strengthen and build their skills and understanding! Here is a link for some pictures of different type of patterns to help you see what we are talking about:

Pattern examples:  https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1QHMKoiuyz1yKIQxxwe0F2hOqGwifQaRA?usp=sharing


Check and see how well your child is able to make patterns on their own, tell you about them, and how they repeat. Let me know if you have any questions.

Wayne Miller
Teacher, Prince of Peace Lutheran School
Rocky View Schools



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