September 16, 2021 e-mail

Charts and Songs Book

Good morning parents!

Today your child came home with a “Charts and Songs” book. That is yours to keep. There is a letter of explanation inside the front cover. Your child should have it in their backpack.
This book contains many of the charts and songs we will be using in kindergarten. We have not done them all of course, but your child may know which ones we have done. It doesn’t matter if you do on that we haven’t done because it all helps with their early literacy skills. When you scan the QR code, it will take you to the audio (or video) file for that chart or song. You can help your child to follow along by sliding your finger under the words. Many of the charts and songs have actions. Have your child show you how much of it they remember!
Many modern phones can scan the QR codes without downloading a free QR scan reader app. On my phone I simply open my camera and point it at the QR code and a button pops up to go to the file. If you have any questions about this, please let me know.
I pray that this Charts and Songs book will be a blessing to your child on their journey to beginning literacy skills!


Wayne Miller
Teacher, Prince of Peace Lutheran School
Rocky View Schools


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