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September Puzzle Piece
Hello parents,
Today your child will be bringing home a brown paper in the shape of a puzzle piece that is part of our year-long Social Studies focus on "I Am Unique" and "I Belong”.
I have put the directions below for helping your child to complete the piece for September. Please make sure you look at the directions carefully. Have a look at the picture attached to this e-mail. This will all help you see how you can assist your child in completing this activity while still letting them do some printing and colouring on it as they are able. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT that we start this project well, so if you still have any questions after checking my information, please ask.
The directions are also on my teacher page under the "Projects" button.
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Click on “Projects” to see the directions for school/home projects related to the Citizen of the Day program.
The puzzle piece will come home in a NAMED PLASTIC BAG to help keep it safe from any damage along the way. PLEASE DO NOT THROW THIS LABELED PLASTIC BAG AWAY. Please make sure that when the puzzle piece is completed you return it in the same bag so it can be used for the next month's puzzle piece. Thank you!
Your child will be bringing home a puzzle piece each month that will focus on a different aspect of the Social Studies curriculum for kindergarten in which they learn about their own unique identity in the context of belonging to a family, community, and society.
Each month, the goal will be for your child to grow in how much information they can record (as opposed to you doing all the writing, drawing, gluing, etc. for them) and how independently and confidently they will share the information in class.
Please help your child to grow in this independence by helping them to practice reading (or remembering) the information before they bring the puzzle piece back to class to share.
Thank you for your assistance and encouragement in your child's learning.
Wayne Miller
Teacher, Prince of Peace Lutheran School
Rocky View Schools
Citizen of the Day
My Name – September Parent Letter


Dear Parents,
This week we are beginning our “Citizen of the Day” program. This program is designed to support the Social Studies curriculum and assist the children in exploring the general learning outcomes “I am Unique” and “I Belong”.


Each month a construction paper puzzle piece is sent home that you will help your child to complete. The focus on the puzzle piece will be different each month and will cover an aspect of “I am Unique”. The topic will be introduced in class and the students will bring home their puzzle piece in a plastic bag. The monthly letter will include the topic and questions that will help you to complete the activity with your child. The monthly letter will be sent by e-mail and posted on my teacher page on the school website. For those parents who are unable to send and receive e-mail, a printed copy will be placed in the bag with the puzzle piece.


Please discuss the following questions with your child and record your ideas, thoughts, and pictures on the puzzle piece.


My Name
Who named me?
Why am I named what I am?
Does my name have a special meaning?
Does everyone call me by the same name?
Other information about my name?


Let your child do as much of the printing work in completing the puzzle piece as they are able to further enhance their learning opportunities through this project.


Once the puzzle piece is completed, please place it back into the plastic bag and send it to school with your child. Your child will then have a turn to share their personal story using the puzzle piece. The puzzle piece will be placed on a large “I am Unique” poster at school. Each child will have their own poster to fill with 9 puzzle pieces through the year. Please make sure to complete and send the puzzle piece before the end of the month, as your child will receive another one for the following month.


Thank you for your support of this program.




Mr. Miller
Example Puzzle Piece for Citizen of the Day -
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