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Christian Studies, Early Literacy, Learning about Patterns, and Terry Fox Run

Good morning parents!

Please take the time to read the information below carefully to keep informed on what is going on for your kindergarten child!



A parent letter that outlines the Bible lessons we are currently studying is sent home each Friday. That will begin this week. Practice the Bible memory verse with your child. Use any of the suggested activities from the parent letter. The first 2 weeks we were laying the foundation for all further study by establishing that the Bible is God’s word to us. God communicates to us through His word for our life here and for eternal life with Him in heaven.

His most important communication to us is revealed in the person of Jesus Christ. God Himself took on human flesh in order to pay the penalty for our sins. He did this purely out of divine Fatherly love and mercy for us, His fallen children. This good news of salvation will be what each lesson in our Christian Studies points toward. “Every word of God is true”. Prov. 30:5.


At the beginning of each week I will post a summary of the Bible lessons on my teacher page on the school website. It will give you insight into what part of the Bible we are studying, what we are learning, as well as songs and prayers and resources that we are using.  I pray that you can make use of this in helping your child grow in the faith.



Early Literacy Skills

We do early literacy activities every day in the classroom through songs, charts, messages, stories, journals, questions and answers, and sharing information. Some of the skills we have started learning are:

  • Uppercase letters (capital)
  • Rhyming words
  • Printing their names
  • Noticing similarities in words
  • Tracking left to right, top to bottom in reading
  • Following directions

Suggested activities for home

  • Present the letters of the alphabet in random order. See how many they know!
  • Read a story to or with your child. After finishing the story, ask them to find letters or words they know.
  • Help your child print their name, consistently starting to form their letters from the top to the bottom. Make sure they are holding the pencil appropriately! See the "Classroom Info" button on my Teacher Page for pictures that can help with this.
  • Use the "Alphabet Action" papers that come home to help your child learn the letter names, how to print them and the sounds they make in words. If your child already knows the letters and sounds, see if you can help them to think of words that start with that letter. Then help them print out the words!


We have been having fun discovering how the things we learn in kindergarten are related to God and how He does things! One of the first math skills we explore is patterns. God started off the Creation by initiating a pattern (darkness/light), and that pattern repeats day after day. And so the first thing we learned is that a pattern repeats! So far we have been looking at simple 2-part (AB) patterns and having the children try to create their own patterns. We have tried making patterns based on:

Colour - e.g. red, blue, red, blue, red, blue

Shape - e.g. square, circle, square, circle, square

Category - e.g. banana, orange, banana, orange, banana, orange

Position - e.g. standing up, laying down, standing up, laying down, standing up, laying down


You can easily have your child try and make patterns with objects at home or by drawing/colouring them down on paper. We will be moving on to doing 3-part patterns, which have more variations (ABC, AAB, ABB) and can be a little trickier for children to grasp. We will be practicing and learning in the classroom and you are certainly welcome to try and make patterns with your child at home to help strengthen and build their skills and understanding! Here is a link for some pictures of different type of patterns to help you see what we are talking about:

Pattern examples:



Information about the Terry Fox Run and how to help raise funds for cancer research was in the Monday Note (please make sure you are getting them!). For the run tomorrow the children can be dressed in appropriate casual athletic wear instead of school uniforms. As always, please make sure they are dressed for whatever the weather will be. We have been learning about Terry Fox in the classroom and I pray that this will be a fun experience for the children as they learn about giving to others and how we can accomplish so much more when we all work together!



Wayne Miller
Teacher, Prince of Peace Lutheran School
Rocky View Schools



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