September 11, 2020 e-mail

Drop Off and Snack

Good morning parents,

Thank you once again for helping to make the start of your child’s kindergarten year as smooth as possible under the given circumstances. As we started the school year we have been allowing kindergarten parents to bring their child up to the sidewalk in front of the school and wait until I arrive to supervise them coming in. The procedure for all other parents is that they remain in their cars and only the children walk to the school. We are going to try moving toward that same procedure for kindergarten parents as well. Here is how we will start this process.
Starting next week, on Monday, September 14, I would ask you to try and walk your child to the centre island and then have them cross the sidewalk and come over to their line-up spot on their own. I will be outside by 8:12 and standing by their line-up spot. At this time you can then send them across the sidewalk on their own. I will help them to line up properly and wait until I lead them inside. Please remember to teach and remind your child to look in all directions before crossing the sidewalk.
As your child grows in their independence in doing this, we will then move to the fully standard procedure that all parents are to abide by. I will let you know when we will transition to this final step. Pick up procedure will remain the same as it has been with you coming to the sidewalk to wait for your child at the end of each kindergarten day.
Your child has had 4 days of kindergarten and I can already start to see the early signs of them becoming familiar with the classroom, understanding and following the routines, and growing in their skills. We pray each day that God will help us to grow in good things to know! (I enjoy rhyming a lot). I want them to constantly be reminded that God has made an amazing world of things for us to enjoy and learn about and that is what makes learning so exciting!
One of the routines that the children learn is how to get ready for and eat their snack. We pray, sanitize our hands, and then get our backpacks and bring them to our tables. Thank you for being mindful to send a healthy snack for your child each day. That is certainly training them in a good habit! Sometimes I have noticed some children having a lot of food in their snack container. The children often think that they have to eat all of this food and so are concerned when they do not finish. Please remember that their snack should be something that they can finish in about 5 minutes of eating time. If you are sending extra food along for them for after kindergarten, please make sure that they understand this and know what food you expect them to eat for snack. Thank you also for having their snacks in reusable or recyclable containers to cut down on our waste. Another good habit reinforced!


Wayne Miller
Teacher, Prince of Peace Lutheran School
Rocky View Schools



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