October 4, 2021 e-mail

Information for the October Puzzle piece - "My Interests"
Good morning parents,
Your child is bringing home the next puzzle piece in our Social Studies program. The October puzzle piece has the theme of “My Interests”. The directions for what information should be on this puzzle piece are at the bottom of this e-mail. As always, the directions are also available on my Teacher Page, under the “Projects” button.


A few things to keep in mind are:

- your child’s name will be printed on the side where you will help them record the information. It helps you to know which side and in which direction the words should go.
- there is a large X on the other side of the puzzle piece to remind you that the printing should not go on this side.
- remember that the more your child is involved in doing the writing, the more they will remember and learn the information and thus be more confident in sharing it at school. They will also be getting good practice in strengthening their fine motor, printing, and organizational skills. When all of the printing is simply done for them, they miss out on all of these learning opportunities.
- if your child has not yet returned and shared their September puzzle piece, please complete that with them as soon as possible before starting the October puzzle piece.
Once again, thank you for your partnership in strengthening and growing your child’s learning experiences and skills!


Wayne Miller
Teacher, Prince of Peace Lutheran School
Rocky View Schools
Citizen of the Day
My Interests – October Parent Letter
Dear Parents,
Our next focus of the “Citizen of the Day” program will be “My Interests”. Please discuss with your child the following:
I like to read books about _____________ because _____________________
I like playing ______________ because _________________________
My favourite TV show is ______________ because ______________________
I would like to _______________ when I grow up because ________________
If your child has other interests they would like to share with the class please have them do so (they may be interested in collecting things or they may participate in a sport or club, etc.).
Please assist your child in recording their interests on the puzzle piece provided (the big piece of coloured paper shaped like a puzzle piece in the plastic bag) – they may draw pictures, glue on photos, write some words, etc. Your child will be asked to talk about their interests that they’ve recorded on this puzzle piece when it they return it to the class. Please return the piece before the end of the month, as they will receive another puzzle piece and project next month.
Thank you for your support of this program.
Mr. Miller



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