Volunteers in the Classroom

Information about volunteering in the classroom and the requirements for a Criminal Record Check.

Parents are welcome to come and help out in the classroom. I will post a calendar outside of the classroom door each month for volunteers. This is not required as I know that in many households both parents work. If the time arises when you can spend some time in the classroom, I would request only one parent per day. Areas in which you may help could be:  

  • cutting out materials
  • having worksheets run off
  • monitoring the children as they work
  • helping children to write
  • reading to or with a child
  • encouraging and praising the children in their activities
  • sharpening pencils and pencil crayons
  • teaching games and activities
  • helping on the computers
  • assisting with clean-up

If you have a special talent or area of expertise or interest that you think would be interesting for the children, please discuss this with me so that we can arrange a time. I will not have any helpers for the first weeks of school as it makes the establishing of routines more difficult when children have their attention on other adults in the room.

In order to make the vounteer experience the most beneficial to the classroom, please make note of the following “basics”:

  1. Discuss your role as a teacher helper (not a parent) with your child ahead of time.
  2. Observe the methods employed by the teacher and emulate them.
  3. Be encouraging and positive.
  4. Ask questions.
  5. Stimulate conversations when appropriate. (encourage complete sentences in speaking)
  6. Never discuss children with others.
  7. Discipline is the teacher’s job.

*Please note that all volunteers need to fill out an application for volunteers form from the school. This requires a Criminal Record Check to be completed as part of our commitment to providing a safe, caring, and orderly place of learning for your child.

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