Bus Service - Questions & Answers

Do you have questions about bussing? Here are answers to common questions about bus service provided by RVS School Division.

Information about Prince of Peace Bus Service - Questions & Answers


Q:    When can we register for busing for the 2020-2021 school year?
A:    Registration can be completed after July 1, 2020.

  • Rocky View residents - For existing and new families to Prince of Peace, register each child for bussing online through SchoolEngage which is in PowerSchool.
  • Non-residents (Calgary) - For existing families, a letter and application form were sent via email on July 7 to all current bus students from Calgary with re-registration information. Click here to access the letter and application form.


Q:    What about paying fees for busing the 2020-2021 school year?
A:    Bus Fees are paid directly to Rocky View Schools, not Southland and not Prince of Peace.

Information regarding fees, route #, and stop locations will be sent by email on August 15, 2019. Once you receive this payment and route information email, then fees can be paid online through your SchoolEngage account.

  • Rocky View Residents - $375 per student
  • Non-Residents (Calgary) - $2000 per student

Click here for more information about Transportation and Fees.


Q:    What are the boundaries for attendance?  What are the boundaries for transportation?
A:     Click here to see the maps for attendance and transportation boundaries.

Q:    How far will students have to walk to the bus stop?
Rocky View’s guide is 400 metres.


Q:    Will students have bus passes?
A:    Rocky View Schools will issue bus passes to new riders only. PLEASE KEEP YOUR BUS PASSES. The student must swipe their bus pass when they get on and off the bus. This way, the school board can tell exactly who is on the bus. If a student loses their bus pass, the driver will write it down and RVS will be notified. After 3 times, RVS will contact parents. The replacement cost is $15.00.


Q:    What about cold weather and cancelation of buses?
A:    Click here to see Rocky View Schools’ Inclement Weather Policy for Transportation.  Also, you can call the Late Bus Line at 403.250.0016.


Q:    Who do I contact about my child’s bus service (absent from bus, late arrival, last minute changes)?
A:    Click here to see the Bus Contact Information sheet.


Q:    How will students know what Southland bus to get on?
A:    Look at the signs in the windows. Signs with a Prince of Peace logo and Route Letter will be put in the window (eg. Calgary B). The busses will have Southland lettering on the sides.

Q:    What are pick-up and drop-off processes?
A:    For pick-up, parents are responsible to have their children at the bus stop 5 minutes prior to appointed time. At drop-off, if parents are greeting students at the bus stop at the end of the day, must be visible to the student and driver.

Q:    What to do when students are late to the bus stop?
A:    Call Southland office 403.932.7100 and they will let the driver know. Parents are responsible to have their children at the bus stop 5 minutes prior to appointed time.

Q:   What if students are signed out during the day or absent?  How will the drivers know?
A:   Our Afternoon Supervisors will monitor bus attendance for afternoon dismissal. They will take all the information about students who are absent or signed-out to the appropriate bus driver.  

Q:    What if a student is not comfortable getting off the bus?
A:    The student can say to the driver that they don’t see their parent at the stop and are not okay with getting off the bus. They can stay on bus. The driver will call Southland to contact the parents for information. Southland will let the driver know when they have contacted the parents and instruct the drivers about how to proceed (eg. go to another stop, return to their stop later). If parents cannot be reached, the driver will bring the student back to school where we will continue to contact parents.

Q:    What happens if a student falls asleep on bus?
A:    The Driver ALWAYS does a walk through the bus at the end of their run. If a student is found asleep, the driver will radio their Southland dispatcher. The dispatcher will calls the parents and then the school.


Q:    What about student conduct and behavior?
A:    Refer to the RVS Code of Conduct, link here. The driver will talk with student and, if necessary, will record information about any incidents. This is the same process as now.  After 3 recorded incidents, RVS will issue parents a letter to inform them of the issues.  The driver can also report to the principal any incidents of conduct or behavior that do not reflect our safe and caring Christian school.

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