Mission and Vision Statements

Our school has a clear vision of what we strive to accomplish (our vision) and we know what we need to do to accomplish it (our mission).


Vision Statement

(Defines our destination)


All members of our school community will be valued and celebrated as God’s created masterpieces and be engaged in meaningful and challenging experiences that will

  • lead them into a growing, authentic relationship with Jesus Christ,

  • help them become critical, creative, and discerning thinkers, and

  • prepare them for lives of servant-leadership to their families, communities, and the world.

Mission Statement

(Defines what we do to get there)

We engage everyone in our school community through God’s Word and meaningful, challenging experiences; encourage them to have a growing, active relationship with Jesus Christ and one another; and prepare them to understand, adapt, and successfully contribute to our changing global community while being anchored in God’s unchanging truths.

Focus Statement

(Helps us stay focused on our job)

Engagement that leads to understanding, faith, community, and servant leadership for all.


Links between Focus Statement and School Foundations

Focus Statements

Foundational Approaches


Learning by Design
Understanding Learning by Design, Theothreads
Faith Theothreads, Peacemakers, Leader in Me
Community Leader in Me, Theothreads, Peacemakers, Love and Logic
Servant Leadership Leader in Me, Theothreads, Learning by Design
For All Learning by Design
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