Building Faith

As a Christian school, giving opportunities to students to know God and build faith is the core of our purpose.

For students in our school who do not yet know Jesus as their Saviour, we introduce them to Jesus Christ and the truth of God's Word, the Bible, and invite them to consider the plan God has for them.

For students who already have faith in Jesus, we help them explore their faith further, deepen their understanding of the truth of God's Word, grow in their relationship with Jesus, and integrate faith into daily life.

It is very easy for Christian schools such as ours to fall into the trap of dealing with the externals of the faith... student behaviour.  While teaching students what is right and wrong and instilling Godly character traits is important and desirable, teaching the Christian faith involves much more.

God is concerned with the heart, not just outward actions.  Schools that focus primarily on behaviour can take on a culture of legalism - do this, do that, or else!  Our focus is, instead, on relationships: God's relationship with us and our relationships with each other, and the tone of our school is defined by God's grace... the amazing gifts God gives us through Jesus: forgiveness of our sins and a place in His family.  None of us deserve these gifts yet God gives them freely.

Grace is the foundation for an amazing life in Christ.  It allows us to leave behind a life of oppression and fear, and gives us freedom to be the best we can be.  It gives us the freedom to become more like Jesus, not out of a sense of fear or obligation, but out of gratitude for what He has done for us.


Learning and Living the Christian Faith at Prince of Peace

To accomplish these faith goals, we:

  • incorporate daily devotions and prayers
  • build a culture of prayer in the entire school life
  • have weekly chapel services that involve music (both contemporary Christian songs and traditional hymns), bible readings, age appropriate messages, offerings for missions, and prayer - chapels are led by our pastor, principal, teachers, students and special guests
  • weave the Christian faith into all subject areas (read more)
  • teach Christian studies that focuses on Bible literacy and applying biblical truths to everyday life and issues.
  • teach biblical peacemaking and reconciliation skills (read more)
  • promote and have students participate in special mission projects
  • weave our Christian culture into all aspects of school life, including how we deal with concerns, set and enact policies, and carry out student discipline
  • present the faith visually in our school through the decorations and symbols displayed

What is a Lutheran School?

Lutheran schools have been around for a very long time.  In fact, the oldest school currently operating in North America is St. Matthew Lutheran School in New York (1752), and the oldest operating in Alberta is St. Matthew Lutheran School in Stony Plain (1905).

Lutheran Schools are open to everyone, regardless of faith background.  Yet, we are a denominational school.  This means that when we teach about God and the Christian faith it is from a distinct understanding.  To find out more about what Lutherans believe and how we understand God and His Word click here.  Prince of Peace Lutheran School is affiliated with Lutheran Church-Canada.

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