Building Understanding

Prince of Peace is committed to providing the best possible education to students, preparing them for a full, successful life.

The world our students face is complex.  There is a need for multicultural understanding as we become more connected and interdependent globally.  There is a need for wise discernment as we sift through seemingly endless amounts of information from multiple and conflicting sources.  We all need adaptability, creativity, and problem solving skills.  Students need to be literate in reading, writing, numeracy, and also in technology.

We are working very intentionally as a school to prepare our students for this complex world.  Not only do we provide them a wealth of concepts and skills, we also help them truly build understanding.  When we really understand the essential concepts, we are able to see how facts and ideas fit together and are interconnected.  We are able to apply what we understand to new and challenging problems.  We are able to make connections between what we are learning and our own experiences.  We are able to explain and teach concepts to others.  We are able to understand different perspectives and empathize with other people.  To learn more about how teachers plan their instruction to build understanding, click here.

Of course, as a Christian school, it is essential that we help our students understand the Christian faith.  To learn more about how we do this, click here.

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