Why Covey in a Christian School?

Some have asked: "Why would a Christian school be using a program created by Stephen Covey.  Isn't he Mormon?"

This is a great question!  We do not want to use any materials that may detract from our Christian mission and identity.

Our entire staff, including our church's pastors, has thoroughly reviewed the materials for "the Leader in Me", gone through formal training, and tested them against our vision, mission and identity as a Christian, Lutheran school.  We have found them to be solid and strong.  The content of the 7 Habits is universal and they themselves do not represent Mormon theology.  In fact, if you take a look at our faith integration document, you will see how they align very well with biblical principles.

We know that God can use many different sources to accomplish his work, and we believe that God will use the Leader in Me program here at Prince of Peace to bless our students and their families.

Our leadership prayer:
Christ be my Leader - the true Leader in me.  Teach me, Jesus, to lead like You.  Amen.

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