Teacher Pages

Teachers, parents, and students form the team that leads to student success.  Any team depends on good communication and collaboration.  Here is a list of our school staff with links to email addresses.

S. Neis, Principal
RVS Email
D. New, Assistant Principal RVS Email
C. Billard, Secretary RVS Email
K. Hanks Craine, Secretary RVS Email


W. Miller (Kindergarten, Christian Studies) RVS Email

Grade 1

H. Nwaerondu RVS Email
S. Sinanan RVS Email

Grade 2

K. Duong RVS Email
C. Edwards RVS Email

Grade 3

K. Chhom RVS Email
P. Engen RVS Email

Grade 4

B. Burwash RVS Email
M. Shaw RVS Email

Grade 5

J. Donovan (Gr. 5, Options) RVS Email
V. Howell RVS Email

Grade 6

A. Relling-Huezo (Gr. 6.1, ELA, Soc, Christian Studies, Health) RVS Email
R. Rainey (Gr. 6.2, Math, Science, French, Health, Options) RVS Email

Grade 7-9

C. Bartel Nickel (Gr. 7.1, ELA, Social, Music/Choir) RVS Email
J. Elenko (Gr. 9.2, Math, Science, PE, Health, Options) RVS Email
K. Enders (Gr. 7 Christian Studies)
RVS Email
M. Gray (Gr. 9.1, ELA, Social) RVS Email
J. Lawson (Gr. 8.1, Science, Christian Studies, Choir, Health, Options) RVS Email
D. New (Math, PE) / Athletics RVS Email
J. Sinclair (Gr. 7.2, Math, Science, PE, Health, Options) RVS Email
R. Wollin (Gr. 8.2, ELA, Social, Health, Options) RVS Email


S. Watson RVS Email

Student Supports

M. Kachur - Child Development Advisor (CDA) RVS Email
K. Abdallah - Learning Commons RVS Email
B. Krause - Technical Support RVS Email

Learning Support

S. Anderson RVS Email
S. Ngai RVS Email

Learning Support Assistants

J. Ballard RVS Email
L. Goodwin RVS Email
J. Grande
RVS Email
T. Morton-Renyk RVS Email
T. Robanske RVS Email
C. Sabirsh
RVS Email
B. Skrynyk
RVS Email

Building Operators

S. Trinidad - Head Building Operator RVS Email
B. Slade - Lead Caretaker
E. Labarca Sierra - Evening Caretaker
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