Overview: In our school, we have defined 12 Big Ideas about the Christian faith.  We call them Theothreads - concepts about God (theos in Greek) that weave through the curriculum like thread weaves through fabric.  These Theothreads are the starting place for faith integration in all subjects (including Christian Studies) and all grades in our school.

Description: Using the concepts of Understanding by Design, we begin our instructional planning with the identification of the big ideas or key understandings we want our students to truly understand and be able to apply in a variety of situations well into the future.  When it comes to the Christian faith, we have identified 12 Key Understandings of the Christian faith which will be integrated in all subjects at all levels.  This integration should be authentic and intentional.  Teachers form essential questions that link the Theothreads to the curricular content in age appropriate, meaningful ways.  After identifying the Theothreads and essential questions, teachers determine what evidence will demonstrate true understanding and then plan the activities that lead to the understanding.



Caring Creator

Our God has created all that there is and continues to care for, provide for, and sustain all that He has made.

Disobedience has Consequences

God has told us how to live and when we choose to not listen to Him, we end up hurting ourselves and others, and we separate ourselves from God.

Forgiving Saviour Seeking Us

Because God desires to have relationship with all people, He takes the initiative to reach out to us with forgiveness and grace through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.

All Powerful God With Us

God is a unique, all powerful being who exists beyond our understanding, reveals Himself in the Holy Bible as being one God with three persons, and is always with us.

Taking Care of the World

God calls all of us to take care of what He has created.

Caring Community

We create community by caring for, taking care of and serving others: our family, friends, neighbours, and those we don’t know both near and far.

Spreading the Message

By living in a Christ-like manner and telling others about Jesus, we share the message of God’s love and invite others to know Jesus is their Saviour also.

Worship Response

Because of what God has done for us, we respond with our prayers, songs, offerings and we use our gifts and talents to help others.

Family of God

Through faith in Jesus, we become part of God’s family, are changed to become more like Him, and look forward to being with Him forever.

God Hears Prayer

God wants us to come to Him in prayer and promises to hear us and answer in ways that are best for us.

God Gives Purpose

God has a plan for us and uses us as His hands and feet in this world, and in Him we find purpose for life.

True Word

God’s Word in the Bible is completely true and trustworthy and tells us everything we need to know about God and His plan for us, and God’s truth never changes.

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